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Electrical Services

Our range electrical services includes domestic, commercial and industrial electrical preventative maintenance, switch-board upgrading, smoke-alarm compliance and scheduled electrical maintenance, solar installation & scheduled maintenance, air-conditioning installation, smart home and city electrical integration.

Home Decor

Domestic Electrical Services

Have a consultation with a licensed DSS electrician about new household electrical devices the can help prevent excessive energy consumption and future localised power-outages.

We offer solutions to gradually upgrade your homes electrical wiring (if required), outlets and switches, lighting, switchboard safety and auditing.

So get that broken powerpoint or tripping circuits fixed today and contact the DSS Electrical team!

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Commercial & Industrial Electrical Services

Have your got a large-scale commercial building project in the pipeline and need some advice and help from experienced electrical contractor to get it done?

Are you a property manager that needs the help of electricians liaising with other different trades professionals for when things go wrong?

The team at DSS Electrical has an excellent working relationship with the different trades professionals needed for commercial and industrial projects.


So any project you have can be completed to a high standard.


Insurance Repairs & Emergency Electrical Make Safes

DSS Electrical's team of licensed & qualified electricians specialise in electrical emergencies resulting from natural disaster or accident. DSS Electrical has a strong & ongoing relationships with insurance providers & a range of trade professionals that work within the insurance sector, thus we can help you navigate your insurance claim.

DSS Electrical's team is on call 24/7 for electrically emergencies within the community. Most recently, the DSS Electrical team responded to hundreds of hail-damaged houses in Springfield Lakes QLD & offered their services. The DSS Electrical helped to prevent further damage & water entry to countless homes by putting tarps & sandbags on damaged roofs & isolating or disconnecting damaged electrical circuits.


DSS Electrical is committed to keeping the community safe & your home secure when disaster strikes.  

Electrical Circuit

Switchboard Upgrade & Electrical Compliance Checks

If you have noticed your switchboard looks messy, unlabelled and old - or household blackout events due to an undiagnosed electrical fault. Get an electrical health check and switchboard upgraded as soon as possible. This will save money, ensure safety, and prevent major headaches in the future.

We will conduct a series of diagnostic test to provide you with an electrical compliance certificate and relabel your switchboard and complete recommended upgrades to meet legislation.   

Apartment Building

Preventative Maintenance 

Whether it's new or old building structures electrical faults or issues will happen from time to time. However, with regular scheduled electrical maintenance visits you can minimise the chances of emergency electrical contractor callout fees or worse, serious injury. 


Get your home electrical audit done and find out if your residence is compliant with state legislative act.

This service includes all necessary safety checks agains state legislation, thermal imagining of electrical circuitry, switchboard test, tag and compliance checks, and inspection of internal and external fittings (i.e., powerpoint and outlet, lights, cold and heat producing appliances or systems).


Talk to DSS Electrical to find problems with your electrical networks before they're an issue. 


Solar & Renewable Energy Solutions 

DSS Electrical's team of licensed clean energy council electricians specialise in all aspects of solar, they also offer & regular solar maintenance & cleaning service. If you're looking at going solar & saving on your power bills, take advantage of current government incentives & rebates. Get in touch with DSS Electrical today.


We understand it can be confusing out there, DSS Electrical is reliable, quick &, transparent with their solar quotes. We can provide expert guidance from Clean Energy Council, & Queensland Government Acts & Regulations, especially in regards to the Renewable Energy Target (RIT), which is made up of two schemes: the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target, and the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. The Australian Government has developed the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 to progressively reduce emissions from the electricity sector & increase adoption of renewable energy technologies.


DSS Electrical's team of licensed clean energy council electricians specialise in all aspects of solar & battery storage, they also offer & regular solar maintenance & cleaning service.


If you're looking at going solar & saving on your power bills, take advantage of current government incentives & rebates & get in touch with DSS Electrical today.

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Smart Technologies & Practical Home Automations

Find out how DSS Electrical can provide practical methods of managing your buildings power usage and new age electrical tech.

Automated home and office/corporate smart control systems integrated with the local electrical network and connected devices are quickly gaining popularity.


This can be seen practically with smart LED and RGB lighting systems, USB PowerPoints, Alexa or GoogleHub - all controlled at the touch of a iOS or android app.

Smart Grids are quickly growing in the electrical sector for power management, load forecasts, appliance and security system, management or scheduling in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Plan your system today and talk to DSS Electrical!

Interior Design

Air Conditioning System Installations

Get in touch with DSS Electrical today to get your free aircon installation quote. Get an obligation free ducted, evaporative & split systems air conditioning quote.

We have the best in the business when it comes to getting your home or building cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Need your air conditioning cleaned? We provide maintenance and scheduled checks for ducted, evaporative & split systems air conditioning.

Contact us now & beat the Australian summer's heat!


Smoke alarm compliance checks & installation

DSS Electrical keeps up-to date with changes in Queensland legislation: From 1 January 2022, landlords must install interconnected smoke alarms in residential rental properties. When one goes off, they all go off, giving everyone extra time to escape. All other dwellings must transition to full compliance by 2027.

We issue smoke alarm compliance certificates and conduct schedule tests.

Fixing a Hole

Replace, Supply & Installation 

Find your electrical items from our online store that you need replaced or want upgraded, then get in contact with the DSS team to arrange the electrical device installation time which suits you!

We are aiming to create a customer friendly electrical supply and booking system to further increase our customer service and accessibility. 

Simply find which electrical device or ask us for our help for electrical appliance installations services. 

Mission Statement

As a modern electrical & clean energy accredited photo voltaic (PV) or solar installer DSS Electrical Pty Ltd understands that stakeholders & consumers demand more environmental, ethical, & sustainable products & services in the market. The directors & management staff at DSS Electrical are purposeful about  sustainability, hold strong ethical standards and operate responsibly in planning & conducting electrical projects.

We invests heavily into Research & Development into practicable, scalable & reliable in the transition from non-renewable to  renewable energy sources. We works alongside domestic & commercial building owners to develop smart homes or buildings powered by renewable energies.



Due to the aforementioned reasons the team at DSS Electrical is proactive in participation in the electrical contractor's sector, as well as the greater energy sector as a whole.