Your home is your castle and we get that!
We understand that quality and service is a benchmark set by the customer and not the company.
Tell us how we can create the perfect outcome for you, tell us about your budget and let us marry the two, with a project we can all be proud of.

Feel safe knowing that not only are our tradesmen qualified and competent to carry out all work, they exceed the minimum requirements set out because our customers and employees mean the world to us.
All products we recommend and carry come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, if at any time they don’t meet their expectations, you let us know, we’ve got your back.

Free to air and pay TV services

A fuzzy picture could be ruining your favourite show or maybe you’d like to be able to watch pay tv in the bedroom. Let us optimise your relaxation times and have your feet up in no time.

While you’re at it have you thought about wall-mounting your flat screen TV’s? It’s visually appealing and opens up living spaces!


Imagine your entire home filled with your favourite sounds or better yet, a space just for you without distracting anyone.
How about box office hits or your all-time favourites in 4K video.
Forget about the remote, operate it all from your mobile device!

Smart lighting
Light goes up, light goes down and it does it all from your phone.
Rooms can illuminate when you hit pause or lights can switch off when you leave the room.
Our only limitation is your imagination!

Intelligent Security
Check on the house, the kids and the family dog, anywhere in the world and any time.
Left the garage door open, there’s an alert for that. You can even let the courier driver in,
watch him deliver the package and leave again. It’s like a butler and security guard all on
your hand-held device.


At DSS Electrical we’ve been through floods, hail and everything else mother nature can dish out, at this very moment we’re here for you.

Speak to our team about how DSS Electrical can help you navigate your insurance claim today.
Our team already have relationships with most major providers, so let us do the hard work.
You want your biggest investment back to the way it was before, let our team of skilled professionals create that reality.


At DSS Electrical we understand that technology is constantly evolving, and as a result the electrical fit out of today, needs to be safeguarded for the advances of tomorrow.
We stay ahead of the game, so you don’t have to.
Allow our professional team to help create a seamless design, layout and project that meets the need of all staff members.

We specialise in:
• Shop
• Office
• Restaurant
• Cafe,
• Factory,
• Retail and shop front

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