Emergency Make Safes

Rapid response for electrical and building emergencies such as securing and risk management following disaster. We will are here to help in times of need! DSS Electrical has a strong emphasis on electrical safety. If you have noticed an electrical issue or hazard, contact us!

Insurance Repairs

Reliable electricians that have the credentials and industry relationships. We find it extremely rewarding rebuilding homes and communities back stronger following times of disaster. Talk to DSS electrical for electrical make safes - disconnects, reconnects and all general aspects of electrical.

Electrical Device Installation

We can supply and install electrical products direct to you via our online shop! We only supply through trusted and reliable electrical wholesalers and offer a tradesman-ship warranty on all DSS electrical contractor installations. Need your electrical works updated? Browse our shop and get in touch today!

Commercial & Industrial

We employee licensed and electrical electrical contractors that exceed industry standards. Our team has a wealth of experience working with property management, body corporates, and project management and builders. Need compliance certificates for real estate and electrical expertise for shop, office fit-outs, laboratory and medical fit-outs? 

DSS Electrical & Home Services

DSS Electrical and their team of electricians and trades contractors offer domestic, commercial, and industrial electrical services throughout South-East Queensland. Since our establishment in 2012 we have built a team  of experienced electrical contractors and other industry to ensure customer satisfaction and quality electrical services which includes all aspects of electrical, renewable energy alternatives, security systems, and air-conditioning or climate control..


DSS Electrical services local & regional areas of Gold Coast & Brisbane 7 days a week. Our range services include, general residential electrical and preventative maintenance, switch-board upgrading, smoke-alarm compliance and scheduled maintenance, solar installation and scheduled maintenance, air-con installation, smart home and city electrical integration, large-scale commercial and industrial electrical projects, and much more. 


Our growing team at DSS Electrical has over 40 years of knowledge and experience in the trade and is committed to providing our customers with reliable high-quality service, which exceeds industry standards. To achieve this, our team is provided with continuing professional development to ensure that we stay up-to-date in a rapidly changing technological environment with evolving industry legislation.


Whether it's a small-scale renovation or a large-scale commercial project DSS Electrical has the trade connections and know-how to get the job done. Email or call today and let us know how they can help you.

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Emergency Make Safes & Insurance Repairs 
Helping Communities Safely Through Natural Disaster

DSS Electrical's team of licensed & qualified electricians specialise in electrical emergencies resulting from natural disaster or accident. DSS Electrical has a strong & ongoing relationships with insurance providers & a range of trade professionals that work within the insurance sector, thus we can help you navigate your insurance claim.

DSS Electrical's team is on call 24/7 for electrically emergencies within the community. Most recently, the DSS Electrical team responded to hundreds of hail-damaged houses in Springfield Lakes QLD & offered their services.


The DSS Electrical helped to prevent further damage & water entry to countless homes by putting tarps & sandbags on damaged roofs & isolating or disconnecting damaged electrical circuits. DSS Electrical is committed to keeping the community safe & your home secure when disaster strikes.  

Electrical Audits
Electrical Compliance Certificates

DSS Electrical can provide you with electrical compliance certificates. Keep your family safe & your investment properties compliant with Queensland legislation. DSS Electrical conducts a comprehensive electrical audit which includes a visual & thermal inspection of all electrical components, including safety switches, smoke alarms and building wiring.

Find out more by talking to us today!

Electrical Installations
Smart Home & Household Appliance Installs 

DSS Electrical can help you upgrade your home with the latest smart devices & appliances. Smart homes or buildings can help reduce electricity consumption through device scheduling & management. Furthermore, newer appliance have typically have improved energy efficiency.


Talk to the team at DSS Electrical to find out more.

Do your safety switches & smoke alarms meet Queensland legislation?

All rental properties in Queensland must have a safety switch installed to the power circuit & the correct number of cleaned & functional smoke alarms installed 30 days before the start date of any tenancy. Stay safe & get a compliance certificate from DSS Electrical today!

Renewable Energy Revolution
Residential solar: understanding government incentives

Australia is rolling-out renewable technologies at a much faster rate than other developed countries, principally due to government incentives & Australia's excellent environmental conditions for solar (5-6 hours of peak sunlight daily). To meet Australia's Renewable Energy Targets, two discrete schemes are available: Large Scale Generation Certificates Small Scale Technology Certificates

DSS Electrical specialises in Small Scale Technology Certificates or STCs for residential solar & small business solar systems below 100kW. STCs can be thought of as solar credits issued to approved solar systems, which can then be redeemed & deducted from the dollar cost of the solar system. 

DSS Electrical makes this process as hassle-free as possible, when you purchase a solar power system from us, we calculate the STCs & discounted this value for you in your solar quote. 

If you are looking for a quick, easy & transparent solar quote, talk to DSS electrical today.

Modern Living Room

Air Conditioning Installation

Get In Now & Beat The Summer Heat!

Talk to DSS Electrical today to get your free aircon installation quote. Get an obligation free ducted, evaporative & split systems aircon quote.


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Fix a Light

Need reliable electricians fast?

Need Help Completing The Electrical Your Work

If you are planning a renovation or extension & need some electrical work done e.g., lighting, range-hood, electric oven & outlet - installations.

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